Werksta provides damage handling services, including repair and painting of vehicles to insurance companies, private companies and consumers through quality assured workshops.

At Werksta, we contribute to sustainable development by increasing environmental awareness throughout the value chain and minimizing the negative environmental impact of our operations.

We strive for a safe, equal and diverse workplace with engaged and committed employees. Based on UN’s global goals, we require our suppliers to follow defined codes of conduct and consider this when purchasing and procuring for the company.

The sustainability policy is communicated to all employees within the company. It is the responsibility of each manager to ensure that employees affected by specific goals, rules, routines, etc. are informed. Purchasing manager is responsible for evaluating suppliers. Ultimate responsibility for the sustainability policy and routines lies with the CEO.

Environmental policy

Werksta works systematically and actively to identify and mitigate environmental impact. At minimum, we comply with applicable legal requirements with regard to our environmental aspects, and we always strive to excel. Certain activities are specifically regulated for larger units. In Werksta we have chosen to apply the same level of self-control regulation and routines at all units.

Werksta has identified 4 main areas of significant environmental impact:

  • Use of Spare parts
  • Energy consumption
  • Chemical use
  • Waste management.

To manage the above-mentioned areas and to constantly develop our sustainability work, Werksta has a program that is evaluated annually.